The Ziggy Cu project is situated on a newly awarded Exclusive Prospecting License, EPL 8937 located in Mooifontein, near Helmeringhausen in southern Namibia. Copper mineralisation on the project is closely linked with a shear zone which is located within amphibolite-grade gneisses of the Namaqualand Metamorphic Complex (Figure 1). The geological setting of the mineralisation at Mooifontein consists of a 10–15 m wide zone of intense structural deformation which can be followed for over 5 km. Quartz veins are associated with the shear zone and define a wider zone of up to 200 m. Numerous massive ironstone pods are contained within the shear zone, while malachite staining is common in zones between 1–2 m wide.

Limited historic exploration work has been done on this prospect and is limited to a few pits and four diamond drill holes drilled in the 1970’s which were not sampled. Much of the shear zone, covered by a thin veneer of Nama Group sediments, was never prospected and may host similar mineralised structures which are presently concealed. More recently, in 2008, a historical rock grab sample with noticeable malachite staining taken from the shear zone was submitted for assaying and returned 13% Cu (Figure 2).

To explore this shear zone more comprehensively, fieldwork encompassing mapping, sampling, and ground geophysics is planned, particularly in areas that are underlying younger Nama Group sediments. The license it situated approximately 5 km south-east from the town of Helmeringhausen in the Karas Region.

Figure 1: License location of the Ziggy Cu Project.

Figure 2: Grab sample taken in the shear zone at the Ziggy Cu project – historical assay result of 13%.

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