Project Highlights

ProjectParesis Au Project
SubsidiaryAntler Gold Namibia (Pty) Ltd
LocationKunene and Otjozondjupa Regions, Namibia
Total Coverage~21,064.7 Ha
Deposit StyleIntrusion-related gold, thermal aureole gold
Key AttributesWithin the ‘gold belt’ of Namibia
Asset StageReconnaissance mapping

Antler is targeting intrusion-related gold associated with an igneous complex intruding into metasediments, including deposition styles such as sheeted vein systems, vein-disseminations in carbonaceous rocks, and intrusion-proximal to outer-aureole types.

Antler’s Exploration Concept:

  • The Paresis Igneous Complex (PIC) has all the ingredients for an intrusion-related gold deposit.
  • During the Jurassic-Cretaceous, the alkaline magmas of the PIC ruptured through the basal units of the Damara Supergroup (DSG), a package affected by the Pan-African orogenic event. The DSG comprises a tightly folded sequence of siliciclastic sediments of the Nosib Group overlain by a package of interlayered calcareous metasediments of the Swakop Group – Okonguarri Formation, Karibib Formation, similar stratigraphic units as at the Otjikoto Gold Deposit (B2Gold).
  • The complex magmatic history of the complex developed a favourable igneous plumbing system. Faults and other structures that formed during Pan-African orogenic event and multiple magmatic episodes represent conduits for magmas and hydrothermal fluids.
  • Gold-bearing fluids are potentially introduced to the surrounding country rock during or after several cycles of magmatism has taken place. Porosity and hence, permeability in the calcareous country rock is enhanced by interaction with hydrothermal and meteoric fluids, thereby promoting the potential precipitation and deposition of gold and/or other metals.

Upcoming exploration program planned from Q4 2023 includes geological mapping and grab sampling to identify priority target areas, followed by a geochemical soil and/calcrete sampling program over areas covered by recent Kalahari sediments.

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