“Our approach is to manage risk intelligently, enabling us to pursue numerous opportunities with minimal dilution. Ultimately, our aim is to lead the pack in greenfields exploration globally, creating substantial value through diverse means, from royalties to full ownership, ultimately ensuring value creation.”

Christopher Drysdale, CEO

Project Generator vs Traditional Junior

The Dilution Risk

Traditional junior resource companies often resort to raising capital through equity offerings to fund costly drill programs in their pursuit of making a discovery. However, this leads to dilution of investors' stakes.​

Project generators opt to bring in partners to fund advanced exploration and drilling in exchange for an interest in the property. This model mitigates the dilution risk and allows for the advancement of exploration without the need for repeated share offerings. The partner's funding commitment over a period of years, joint venture agreements, and potential benefits for the original shareholders from the success of the partner​

Antler Gold’s Unique Business Model

Experts In Project Generation

Maintain a diverse project portfolio and financing exploration through joint-venture partnerships with mid-tier or major mining companies. By acquiring mineral-rich prospects and optioning them to partners, Antler aims to generate short-term revenue, mitigates risk and leverages external capital to fund high-risk drilling phases, contributing to an effective de-risking strategy in mineral exploration and preserving its shareholder’s capital for investing in the next discovery opportunity.​

Investors benefits

  • Efficient project advancement
  • Diversified exposure to the commodities cycle
  • Potential upside through proven operators and assets.
  • Offers a balanced perspective on risks and rewards.

Key Accomplishment Summary



New license issued on the Onkoshi Gold Project in central Namibia bordering to the south-east of the known Erindi and Vredelus gold prospects

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New license for the prospective Paresis Gold Project issued, located in northern Namibia within the 'gold corridor' that hosts the Otjikoto (B2Gold), Ondundu and recently discovered Eureka gold deposits (Osino Resources)

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Erongo - Optional

Signed a binding Letter Of Intent (“LOI”) with Fortress Asset Management LLC (“Fortress” or the “Optionee”), an arms-length private company.  Pursuant to the Agreement, the Optionee will be granted the right to acquire up to 100% interest in the Company’s Erongo Central Gold Project (the “Project”) over a three-year period for total consideration of US$ 5.5 million and incurring US$ 6.0 million of exploration expenditures and issuing Antler a 2% net smelter return (“NSR”) across the entire Project.​

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New license issued for the Ziggy Cu Project in southern Namibia with historical grab sample grading 13% Cu.​

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Further exploration worked planned to follow up on previous sample results on license issuance.​

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Where we are going

Antler has developed a unique and risk-diversified business model that is focused on project generation and organic royalty creation in Africa’s Top-Ranked Jurisdictions. The objective of this strategy is to generate short and long-term revenue opportunities whilst providing the Companies shareholders with the potential multiple returns that are generated from the discovery process. Antler continues to assess new regional opportunities with the aim of building a diversified project portfolio.

The Model in Action

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