Project Highlights

Location:Zambia (Northeast)
Ownership100 % Antler Gold PG
Project Status:Green Fields Exploration
Project Size:473 ,627 Ha
  • Comprises three large exploration licenses.
  • Covers an area of 4,736 square kilometres.
  • Located in the highly fertile Ubendian Belt that contains known gold deposits.
  • Gold deposits formed through reworking of Archean crust during younger orogenic events.
  • Eastern Ubendian Corridor (EUC) within the belt has four known gold fields: Lupa, Amani, Mpanda and Niassa.
  • Lupa Goldfields in EUC hosts New Luika Gold Mine, which produced around 648,000 ounces of gold between 2013 and 2020 (*1) and has resources of 1.03 million ounces of gold(*2).
  • Ufipa Gold Project extends the Western Ubendian Corridor (WUC) into Zambia, presenting potential as a new gold district.
  • Hosts favourable rock types and structures for economic orogenic gold deposits in underexplored area.

  • Exploration Program (Planned for 2023):
    • Antler Gold PG is planning to initiate exploration activities at the Ufipa Gold Project.
    • Emphasis on assessing the potential for orogenic gold deposits.
    • Currently working on obtaining an Environmental Project Brief from ZEMA.
    • Field activities will commence once the brief is secured.
    • Commitment to regular updates and keeping stakeholders informed of progress.

For more detailed information please see Press Release

MAY 31, 2023

Antler Gold Is Awarded the Ufipa Gold Project Located in Fertile Ubendian Belt, North-East Zambia

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