Antler Project Generator (“Antler PG”) or through other associated subsidiaries has developed a unique and risk-diversified business model that provides investors with a way to generate short and long-term income while also offering exposure to the potential multiple returns that can be generated from the discovery process. This model is designed to reduce risk exposure through commodity and geographic diversification, which is a key consideration when investing in mineral resources in Africa.

Antlers’ Explore strategy is based on the company's expertise and proven ability to identify and rapidly advance early-stage, high-value potential assets. The company aims to acquire multiple mineral licenses in diverse jurisdictions and undertake exploration on these simultaneously. Once a project has been substantially de-risked or a discovery is made, project funding is met from joint venture partnerships, reducing risk, and preserving capital.

As a Project Generator, once reconnaissance exploration and target definition has been completed, Antler’s business model is to attract joint venture partners to fund what the Company considers to be the highest risk phases of exploration, which includes drilling and resource definition. In return, Antler will receive an equity interest in the individual projects, milestone-based equity and cash payments and retains a production royalty on each asset. By having the equity position in the project, it provides longer term optionality. This approach reduces risk and preserves capital by funding projects through joint venture partnerships.

Why Africa?

Africa represents a significant opportunity for mineral exploration due to its vast, largely untapped mineral resources. While some regions of the continent have seen significant exploration and mining activity, many areas remain underexplored and offer substantial potential for new discoveries.

There are several reasons why Africa presents an attractive opportunity for mineral exploration compared to more mature mining jurisdictions.

  • Africa is home to some of the largest and most high-grade mineral deposits in the world, including gold, copper, cobalt, and platinum. These resources are often found in geological formations that are unique to Africa, making the continent a key destination for exploration.
  • The African mining industry is still in the early stages of development in many underexplored areas, meaning that there is significant potential for new discoveries. In more mature mining jurisdictions, the low-hanging fruit has often already been picked, and the cost of exploration and development has increased as a result.
  • African governments are increasingly supportive of mining investment and have introduced policies aimed at attracting foreign investment and promoting sustainable development. This has led to the creation of more favourable regulatory environments making it easier for mining companies to explore and develop mineral resources in the region.
  • Africa has a large and growing population which is driving demand for minerals to support infrastructure development, urbanization, and industrialization. This demand is expected to increase significantly in the coming years making Africa an attractive destination for mining and exploration companies looking to meet global demand for minerals.

The cost of doing business in Africa is often lower than in more mature mining jurisdictions, due to factors such as lower labor and regulatory costs. This can make exploration and development more cost-effective potentially leading to higher returns for investors.

In summary, Africa represents a significant opportunity for exploration with its vast largely untapped mineral resources, supportive regulatory environment, growing population, and lower cost of doing business. By investing in African exploration companies, investors can potentially gain exposure to some of the world's largest and most high-grade mineral deposits, while capitalizing on the region's potential for new discoveries and sustainable development.

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